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I probably would have watched "Bloodlines" anyway, or at least given it a go for a couple of episodes, even if it didn't have the Supernatural "connection", because it's exactly the sort of vapid supernatural teen-angst tat I secretly adore.

But now I just feel like I was robbed an episode of Supernatural.
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The admins of are obviously the kind of guests that, when invited over, kick the dog and go about rearranging your furniture to their own liking.

It's my browser - don't be disabling its functionality! How rude!

Fortunately, I got the answer from

Create a shortcut in your browser, then edit out the link by copy and pasting in the following:

javascript:(function(){function ats(){var styles='*,p,div{user-select:text !important;-moz-user-select:text !important;-webkit-user-select:text !important;}';jQuery('head').append(jQuery('<style />').html(styles));var allowNormal=function(){return true;};jQuery('*[onselectstart], *[ondragstart], *[oncontextmenu], #songLyricsDiv').unbind('contextmenu').unbind('selectstart').unbind('dragstart').unbind('mousedown').unbind('mouseup').unbind('click').attr('onselectstart',allowNormal).attr('oncontextmenu',allowNormal).attr('ondragstart',allowNormal);}function atswp(){if(window.jQuery){ats();}else{window.setTimeout(atswp,100);}}if(window.jQuery){ats();}else{var s=document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src','');document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(s);atswp();}})();

Then just click on the link and it'll unlock the text - great if, like me, you just need some way to mark your place while reading on screen!

Happy reading!
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After a statistics free week, I'm so happy that after clearing my Chrome browser cache I can now see the visitor stats of my FanFiction account.

I'm now able to rest easy knowing that ten poor souls had nothing better to do on Friday night than read my Supernatural fanfiction. ;)

After other recent changes, I'd been bemused to discover that moving my mouse pointer over the teeny-tiny, badly-cropped document images of newly added stories now jolts about their summary text in a migraine inducing way, but at least I can then see a still-way-too-small, badly-cropped image of the document image instead.

And I suppose that anyone foolish enough to go through the process of deleting a story will be pleased that they can now restore that story, but I was perhaps less pleased to read that one user thought this was a swell idea because "This should also cut down on the people who lie about deleting their story by accident when they really deleted it because they want to get rid of the critique someone left on their stories". They say you should judge a man by the quality of the company he keeps - so please tell me that this isn't really the calibre of most of the people using this site?

I was a bit of a disappointed to see that the completely different interface for editing user profiles and forums had been retracted. Disaster! This means we're now back having to use the same interface for these as well as editing stories. As Oscar Wilde said, "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative".

And apparently we have a whole month of many more such updates to come!

Can't wait...  (Luckily I have a user account for AO3 already)

PS: Why isn't there an option in "mood" for "sarcastic"?
PPS: Given that I've gone way beyond sarcasm into the darkside, why isn't there a "snarky" option either? This is the internet, y'know! ;)


Mar. 10th, 2013 12:22 am
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I'm so glad that Dreamwidth managed to auto save just the subject and a blank body text after twenty minutes of angry ranting.

That's so useful.

Bravo! Bravo!


Jan. 13th, 2013 12:55 am
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I'd heard about Wattpad before - specifically about a zombie story that Margaret Atwood was collaborating on (although who hasn't done something walking deadish these days? - I mean I'm writing one myself, it's just on hiatus).

I thought I'd give it a quick look - I've set up an account at even though I've only recently got round to finally posting something at Fiction Press)

I can't help but wonder if this is where FanFiction got the idea of the "covers" from - except they seem to be so much better done at Wattpad - how come no one at FF seems to do them like actual book covers - I've just had a "d'oh" revelation!

But I did have a very swift perusal of their Supernatural fanfic section... oh my... absolutely nothing but Mary Sues as far as the eye could see...

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I've just discovered that it auto-deletes the word/term "(dot)" including both words on either side of it, so where I had thought I'd circumvented it's ridiculous policy of blocking links, it's actually been rendering my comments meaningless.


PS. It seems that {dot} is currently still acceptable, however I guess I should expect this to change suddenly, intermittently, and without prior warning.
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 ...I can't walk out!

Written a new set of 100-word drabbles based on the word "Trap" for the E/O Challenge

Round and round trying to get underlined titles. Finally realised that you can do this is you remove Bold, add Underlining, then re-apply Bold! So obvious!

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